A healthy balance of activity and play creates a positive physical and mental health, as well as promotes prosocial engagement in occupational and social settings.

OCA recognizes the value of activity and engagement to have good mental, physical, and emotional health. OCA brings the world of extracurricular activities to a safe and supportive environment. We offer a quality year round recreational program that enhances the lives of participants with special needs with a focus on identifying personal interests and developing lifelong skills. School age children will rotate between outdoor activities, indoor games, music, dance, art and recreational activities. Through a multidisciplinary approach, all participants can make gains while having a great time.

After-School Services.

Though not just for our school age children, our after school program is created to provide recreational opportunities for all participants after their school or work day has ended. This program is offered during the school year, Monday through Friday, from 1:30-5:30. Each day provides a diverse selection of activities to expose participants to a variety of activities aimed to assist them in staying healthy, developing leisure activities, and keeping their mind and body engaged. Health and well-being are paired with learning and exploration to create smiles.

School Break Camps.

When school is out, OCA is ready and waiting with a plethora of amazing activities. OCA offers camp opportunities for children 3 to 22 years old that offer recreation, arts and crafts, music, and dance to build necessary skills while utilizing functional communication training. These programs are offered during summer, fall, and winter breaks from school. A combination of on-site activities and field trips provide for a week of fun and life-long memories. As all our programs, these activities are therapeutically supported to ensure participants and gaining skills that will help them in all facets of life.

Special Olympics.

OCA is a registered training program for Special Olympics Orange County. OCA trains year round in the following sports: Unified Softball, Bowling, Individual Basketball skills, Team Skill, 3 on 3, 5 on 5, Soccer skills, and Traditional soccer. OCA athletes train up to two times per week at the Eli Street campus. As one of our foundational programs, Special Olympics provides opportunities to develop confidence and stay healthy while having fun with our friends.

Running Man Theatre.

OCA is home to Central Florida’s premiere inclusive theater company. This experience offers a creative theatrical outlet for participants through master classes, theory and performance classes, summer programs as well performing in full theatrical productions. Through improvisation and the development of acting skills, our participants gain valuable flexibility of thought, communication skills, and life skills while having an amazing time and putting on a quality show.

To find out more, email programming@gooca.org

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