Early Intervention.

Early intervention is so much more than academic tasks, and can improve the quality of life for children and their families.  These services aim to reduce gaps in developmental milestones and provide children with meaningful life experiences, assist in developing family relationships, increase the future success in academics, and provide a foundation for good mental health.  

OCA’s early intervention program welcomes participants as young as 18 months.  When it comes to changing a child’s developmental path, the earlier you start the better.  The developing neural circuits can be supported to create the foundation for positive behavior, successful learning, and overall good health.  OCA provides the positive learning environment to assist in making those imperative gains.

"At times, it’s very overwhelming to be in public settings with him. I can see so much progression. I couldn’t see light at the end of the tunnel. Now I can.”

-Karla, Johan's Mother

Did you know?

Positive effects of physical activity interventions have been found effective on social behavior and social function, communication enhancement, exercise ability, body mass index, sensory and feeling, stereotypical behavioral patterns, and physical exercise participation.

– Hindawi BioMed Research International

For questions about pricing or to schedule a visit, email Programming@GoOCA.org or call (407) 808-7837.

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