Adult Program.

OCA’s Adult Program focuses on supporting the education process once the school years have ended.  Our three distinct tracks offer our adult participants the ability to define their life after high school.  Our programs offer unique opportunities to develop skills and make new friends in a small ratio that focuses on individual preferences.  OCA focuses on providing opportunities and exposures to diverse experiences to assist our participants in discovering interests, career paths, and passions. Each participant is offered a meaningful day placement experience, individualized to reach goals and celebrate success.  Regardless of their track in our program, all participants get to enjoy art, music, independent living skills training, entrepreneurial experiences, health and fitness activities, and social skills training.

Vocational Track

The vocational training component of the Adult Program offers individuals the opportunity to expose and develop their vocational potential. Participants are provided a progressive vocational training, focusing on community integration with our amazing business partners, to ultimately provide the skills for community based employment. Each participant will work with our team to develop their personal goals and choose activities that support those goals. 

The Life Skills Track

There are many skills required to have a successful and fulfilling life.  In our life skills track we are able to focus on filling the gaps for our participants, and reducing obstacles to overall satisfaction.  This program offers opportunities to develop cooking skills, social skills, art skills, money management, daily living skills, janitorial skills, healthy living skills…and so much more.  An individualized goal set is determined based on our individuals personal attributes and desires, and training is provided with love and support to help each participant reach their goals. 

The Companion Program

OCA believes that adult participants should be afforded choices in structuring their daily life.  Our companion program affords them the largest selection of choices when planning their day-to-day activity schedule.  Our staffing ratio of 1:1-1:3 allows our participants to pick from both on-site and community based activities to expand their interests, meet their personal desires, and develop important life skills outside of a structured classroom setting.  

Did you know?

Adult day services centers also afford family caregivers respite from the demanding responsibilities of caregiving.

In 2010, there were an estimated 4,600 adult day services centers in the United States that served about 260,000 older persons and younger adults with disabilities on any given day.

– U.S. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES Centers for Disease Control and Prevention National Center for Health Statistics CS233162

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