2022-23 Season.

Our fifth season was full of fun, ability, and magic!


Written by Ivan Negron, Edwin Vazquez, Conner Chaumley, Reileigh Erickson, Jenna Madere, and Marianne DiQuattro.

Directed by Marianne DiQuattro

Performing at the Orlando Fringe Festival

Thank you to those who joined OCA’s Running Man Theatre for an original musical experience! 

This rap musical retells the story of Rapunzel, a lost princess who had been stolen by a wicked witch and longs for independence. When a prince tries to rescue Rapunzel, it isn’t exactly love at first sight. But there is more to Rapunzel, and the witch, than meets the eye, in this magical adventure. 

Running man theatre performance of RAP-Unzel
RAP-Unzel review

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