Every dollar you donate has an immediate and significant impact on children with autism and other special needs as well as their families. 92 cents of every dollar generated is dedicated to programs and services that positively support families who often times have nowhere else to turn.

Give Opportunity. Give Community. Give Ability.


Provides two weeks of extended care for camp for one working family.


Provides two children with access to a week of after-school care packed with recreation, physical fitness and quality care.


Provides summer camp for three school-age children, delivering a lifetime of camp memories, friendships, and experiences.


Provides a social-skills opportunity to help 20 young adults navigate their community through typical experiences like dances, sporting events, arts and more.


Provides adults in the Adult Vocational Program the job skills and confidence that result in meaningful employment.

*Donation levels are representative of the impact your gift will have, but are not necessarily applied to the specific program described and are used for general operating costs unless specified otherwise.

Please use the form below to setup a one-time or recurring donation to OCA.

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OCA is a 501(c)3 tax exempt, non-profit organization that services individuals with autism and other disabilities. We depend on your generous support. Your donations and gifts provide members of the central Florida special needs population with the facilities and programs necessary to improve their quality of life. Thank you!!

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