Nick Wallace is providing Special Needs Planning Workshops throughout the year for parents, families, and educators. These workshops provide confidence and clarity in planning for the future of a child or loved one with disabilities. 

Join an upcoming workshop!

“Rise Against Hunger appreciates the time and dedication it takes for OCA to stop by our warehouse and to connect with each volunteer. I want to give a HUGE shout out to the staff and their dedication to making these amazing human beings make a difference in this world.”

Rayza Rivera, Rise Against Hunger

“I have watched young adults who had been participants in my various theatre sessions ‘graduate’ from Adult Vocational Training to holding their own jobs. The pride they take in their work is profound. Their work is extremely valuable to the community.”

Marianne DiQuattro, Rollins College

“Aloma Bowling Centers has a longstanding partnership with OCA. We have developed enduring respect for the work ethic of the students and staff members that have come out on a weekly basis. These young adults come out with their leaders to learn life skills that may not have been given the chance to do so on their own.”

Jennifer Halpern, Aloma Bowl

“What this organization does for the adult special needs populations is incredible – giving them life skills, transitioning to their communities they live in, and a self-worth pride that gives each adult confidence.I can tell you that this program does not only benefit the adults it is working with, but the YMCA staff and patrons at the same time.”

Carter Jones, Winter Park YMCA

“My students have picked OCA as a partner because of the opportunity to serve the children as well as adults in a learning-centered teaching and learning partnership. The benefits that the students get are such a vital part of the service-learning experience for our future educators of Orange County and/or the state of Florida.”

Jane Maguire M.A., Department Chair for Education East Campus, Valencia College

Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation for Autism

OCA is pleased to announce it has received the Autism Community Impact Grant from the Flutie Foundation! We pride ourselves in providing an unmatched range of social and human services that empower people with disabilities to live safe, self-directed, and productive lives.

Thank you so much Flutie Foundation for supporting our mission!

Flutie Foundation

Fifth Third Bank

OCA received a grant from Fifth Third Grant to provide operational support to each of our programs! Thanks to their support we’ve provided community outings to our adult participants, arts and crafts for our recreation department, and have brought on highly qualified staff.

Thank you for your support, Fifth Third Bank!

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