OCA is an organization founded using the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis.  We believe that all of the scientific principles can be applied both in and out of a clinical setting, with an individual or group, and create positive changes.  All staff at OCA are certified Behavior Assistants, completing a 20 hour training using the Positive Behavior Supports curriculum.  We strive to capture learning opportunities in the natural environment and support our individuals in personal goal development. 

We currently offer individual therapy and social skills groups.  Individual therapy may occur as a consultation for parents and professionals, focus primarily on parent training, on-site in structured therapy format,  in the individual’s home, or in the community.  All therapies are catered to the need of the individual and family. Therapy is easily initiated with an intake meeting where we can cater your family’s plan for services and find ways to maximize your time.  Therapy packages are offered based on participants need. 

Social skills groups are offered in 3-6 week blocks, focusing on a particular skill set with multiple guided activities and role play opportunities to support the current goals. These activities are offered on-site and in the community to promote generalization of skills and allow natural practice opportunities.   Social skills groups may include as few as 2 participants or as many as 20 and are provided a 1:4 ratio.  Social skills groups are offered multiple times per year and all information can be found on the website.  Fees vary based on activities. 

For a menu of our Therapy Services, please click below:

Kids Ages 18 mo-7 Years

Kids Ages 8-21


To learn more about OCA's therapy programs please contact our Board Certified Behavior Analyst at Therapy@GoOCA.org

OCA Main Campus: (pass St. Paul's Presbyterian Church, take gravel drive to portables)
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The Annex ( Therapy): 5125 Adanson Street Ste 750 Orlando, FL 32804

The Exchange (Store): 5125 Adanson Street Ste 750 Orlando,FL 32804
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Info@GoOCA.org  •  Fax (407) 630-8805

Our Belief:
It is OCA's goal that every participant will have an
Opportunity, in or out of the Community, to maximize their Ability.


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