OCA is an organization of parents and professionals that have come together for individuals with autism and related disabilities in our community.  We focus on using a multi-disciplinary approach to teach leisure skills, social skills, vocational skills, and overall independence.


What makes OCA so unique is that we use typical peers and therapy to teach, while having fun.  We started off as a small group of families and professionals training together for Special Olympics events and we are expanding at every turn.


We invite each and every one of you to join us in providing high quality, low cost programs to these individuals and their families.  OCA takes pride in their programs.  In order to ensure that all children, volunteers and staff members are safe, any new participant will have to be assessed on his/her ability to participate.  When accepting new participants we look at the individual's needs, strengths, and weaknesses before approving participation at an OCA event.



OCA Main Campus: (pass St. Paul's Presbyterian Church, take gravel drive to portables)
4917 Eli Street Orlando, FL 32804
(407) 808-7837

The Annex ( Therapy): 5125 Adanson Street Ste 750 Orlando, FL 32804

The Exchange (Store): 5125 Adanson Street Ste 750 Orlando,FL 32804
 ( 407)-960-7782

Info@GoOCA.org  •  Fax (407) 630-8805

Our Belief:
It is OCA's goal that every participant will have an
Opportunity, in or out of the Community, to maximize their Ability.


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Contact OCA (407) 808-7837
Main Address & Hours
4917 Eli St.
Orlando, FL 32804
Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:30pm

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