Q: What programs does OCA offer?
OCA offers the following programs: After School, Adult Day training, Camps, Saturday events, Adult Vocational Training, and Behavior Therapy.  These programs are offered at an affordable cost to families.  We take great pride on working on language development, gross motor, fine motor movement, social skills and functional skills training in all of our programs.

Additionally, all OCA staff members are fully qualified Therapists, ESE Teachers, Teacher Assistants or seasoned volunteers with extensive knowledge and experience working with children and adults with Autism and other disabilities. 

Q: Does OCA accept Med Waiver? No, OCA accepts private pay and CDC Plus

Q: What are OCA's hours of operation? Office Hours:8:00-5:30 Monday-Friday; Adult Vocational Training:8:00-2:00; After School: 2:00-5:30 (M,T, TH, F) 1:00-5:30 (W); Camps: 8:30-3:30 early and late pick up offered; Saturday Events: Afternoon or evenings

Q: What age range does OCA service?  OCA offers the following programs- 4-7 year olds-Pee Wee camp; 8-21 years old- After School, Camps, Saturday events, Social Skills training, and Special Olympics;  22 and up- Adult Vocational Training, Saturday events and Special Olympics

Q: I am interested in your after school program but my child does not attend one of the schools that OCA picks up from. Can my child's school bus dropped him/her off at OCA's after school site? Yes, if your child attends an OCPS school and you have placed on their IEP that your child receives behavior services from OCA, OCPS will transport your child to our after school program.

Q: My child is getting ready to gradate from high school and I am interested in your Adult Vocational Training (AVT) Program, how do I sign up? Three months before your child graduates from high school, call OCA at 407-808-7837 or Programs@GoOCA.org and schedule a tour with OCA's Program Director.  After the tour, if you would like to sign your graduating senior up for our program, we will do an intake with you. 

After the intake she will need to contact your child' school or therapist. Your child's application will be reviewed by our Director of Services and it will be determined if we can meet the needs of your child as well as establishing your child's matrix and fee rate.

Q: How is OCA equipped to deal with the unique challenges inherent in the special needs population? We provide age-appropriate activities with a 1:5 ratio at all events. Children and adults who participate in OCA events are paired with typical peers who model appropriate social, emotional and behavior skills.

Programs offered through OCA work on a multi-disciplinary approaches: Physical, Occupational, and Speech therapy as well as social skills.  OCA has a Certified Behavior Analyst, Margaret Newman on staff as well as experienced staff members running programs.

Q: My child is in a wheelchair and requires medical attention can OCA meet their needs?

Each new applicant is given an individual assessment to determine OCA's ability to meet their needs.  Each program has different challenges that may exclude our seated friends primarily to off-site events. Unfortunately, we cannot offer skilled nursing to any participants but are open to private providers assisting the participant.

Q: Do you offer childcare?
Yes, OCA offers respite (childcare) to families. An intake will be done on your child prior to beginning respite services.  Staff, that is assigned to do respite have completed their CPR/First Aid certification and are trained in Positive Behavior Support.  For more detailed information about our respite program contact OCA at 407-808-7837 or Therapy@GoOCA.org.

Q: What type of therapy does OCA offer?

OCA's has a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and Director of Services, who oversees our Behavior Therapy program.  We offer Behavior Services, Respite, and Social Skills training.

Q: How does a family sign up to participate in programs? Contact OCA at 407-808-7837 or Programs@GoOCA.org to do an intake. Once the intake is complete, one of our staff member's will contact your child's school or therapist and ask them the same questions that we asked you.  The intake will be reviewed by our Director of Services and if OCA is able to meet the needs of your child we will add your family to our mailing list. You may then sign up your child to participate in our programs.

Q: What Special Olympics season does OCA participate in?  OCA participates in Fall, Winter and Summer Special Olympics seasons for Orange County.  OCA is a registered training facility. 

Q: Does OCA partner with students from area schools? YES, our Counselors In Training (CITs) program is vital to our organization.  Middle school, High school and College students have the opportunity to volunteer at our After School program, Adult Vocational program, Camps, Saturday events and Special Olympics training. Our volunteers help to provide a successful experience by helping children/adults with autism and other disabilities interact in appropriate play behavior through a variety of activities: sports, recreational programs, arts and crafts, community outings and more.

Q: How do I sign up to volunteer at an event or program? Download a volunteer application form and OCA's Child Protection Policy off of our website under Volunteers- click on Give your Time.  OCA offers Community Service hours for those middle, high school and college students seeking Community Service hours for graduation. 

Q: Do parents need to attend Saturday events? Parents are always welcome to observe any event that OCA sponsors.  The purpose of the Saturday events is to give parents a few hours to take time for themselves and know that their child is engaged in fun filled activities with their typical peers in a structured setting.

Any unanswered questions please contact:  Info@GoOCA.org


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Our Belief:
It is OCA's goal that every individual that walks through our doors will have an
Opportunity, in or out of the Community, to maximize their Ability.



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