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Eagle Soar Award: The SOAR Award is given to an individual or business who truly believes that our Mighty Eagles can Soar!

2016: Rollins College-Center for Leadership and Community Engagement

2015: First Baptist of Windermere

2014: OCA Founding Sisters- Jenny Griffith, Silvia Haas, Sabrina Sharpe & Margaret Newman Thornton

2013: Richard Mastrobuono- Home Depot

2012: Winter Park YMCA

2011: Tarsus Hunt - Millennium Team Sports

2011: Robert and Patti Evelyn

2010: Pete Mills - Nike

2009: Jim Nelson

2008: Winter Park Construction

Eagle Pride Award: The Eagle Pride award stands for believing in our program and making every effort to help all who come into OCA welcomed.

2016: Altamonte Spring's Chili's

2015: Siemens Energy, Inc.

2014: West Orange High School

2013: Averrett Warmus Durkee Accounting Firm

2012: St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church

2011: Mike Berry - A & H Mini Storage

2011: Richard and Theresa Campbell

2010: Beniza Negron

2009: Crystal Jacobs

The Spirit Award: This award recognizes individuals who share the OCA spirit with their family, friends and the community. They carry a "spirit" of compassion, determination and commitment in helping our community.

2016:Meredith Ewen, Bree Lutzow, Maritza Seda and Steve Waddell

2015: Donna Barley, Shelly Langdon and Tracy Lattanzi

2014: Carla Clark and Laurie Chmielewski

2013: Julia Connolly, Charlie and Nany Hernandez, Demi Horta, Yvonne Mora and Jim Nelson

2012: Angie Brown, Steve Fusilier, and Angela Pryor

2011: Lori Aach, Margaret Newman, Richard and Terri Schon

Eagle Hero Award: This award recognizes our graduating CITs who have volunteered over 200 hours towards OCA events.

2015: Jenna Adamczak, Gabe Azarcon, Alex Barnes, Cassidy Brown, Jack Carnevale, Amanda Cheney, Katey Evans, Danny Cronin, Karina Garcia, Bennett Hopkins, Kyle McPherson, Parker Watts

2014: Gabriella Autiello, Alex Blakenship, Rachel Haas, Nolan Lang, Erin McNellis, Grant Meyer, Mitchell Recinos, Nic Strasser

2013: Cassie Autiello, Daniel Autiello, Zach Autiello, Katherine Bourgeous, Kristina Cronin, Elizabeth James, James McLean, Alecia Mercier, Morgan Poole, Ryan Stewart, and Joe White

2012: Ryan Boddy, Carly Creath, Krisitna Cronin, Michael Farrell, Kyle Hopkins, Christopher Leary, Olivia Marincov, Megan Meyer, Austin Stirtz, and Leah Turner

2011: Ben Brewer, Joe Haas, Mollie Mansfield, Matt Murphy, and Ciera Williams

2010: Lauren Campbell, Lexie Jacobs, and Gabriela Negron


The OCA Ambassador Award:
An OCA Coach, CIT or Unified Sports Partner who best exhibits outstanding patience, selfless sharing and positive role modeling—making a WORLD of difference for our athletes (thus the globe trophy)—during the previous 12 months of OCA activities. 

2016: Danny Huertas

2015: Carly Creath

2014: Rachel Haas

2013: Alecia Mercier

2012: Olivia Marincov

2011: Jenny Griffith

2010: Sabrina Sharpe

2009: Christopher Haas


2016- Program of the Year: OCA- A special place for special needs

2015- Inspirational Coach and Athlete: Carly Creath & Javier Duprey
2014- Inspirational Coach and Athlete: Olivia Marincov & Jesse Fusilier

Inspirational Coach and Athlete: Jack Polland and Sean Polland
Special Olympics North America Finalist, Coach of the Year: Silvia Haas
2011- Inspirational Coach and Athlete: Jim Nelson and Josue Hernandez
Special Olympics Coach of the Year, State of Florida: Silvia Haas
2009- Inspirational Coach and Athlete: Chris Haas and Giles Connolly
2008- Inspirational Coach and Athlete: Sabrina Sharpe and Garrett Jacobs
2007- Athlete Training Facility Recipient
Inspirational Coach and Athlete: Travis Wade and Laura Hernandez
2004- Inspirational Coach and Athlete: Silvia Haas and Michael Tortorella

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Our Belief:
It is OCA's goal that every participant will have an
Opportunity, in or out of the Community, to maximize their Ability.


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